What type of life insurance is best for me

To determine what type of life insurance is best for you a few different factors need to be considered. If you live in Memphis, TN talking to the knowledgeable agents at Keltner Insurance can help you to determine what needs you have in the way of life insurance and how best to fulfill those needs.  

How much insurance do I need

The amount of insurance that you need is one of the most important facts in what type of insurance is best for you. If you have a family that is counting on your income in order to survive, how much will they need if you are no longer there to provide for them? Several years of your income at the very least and the amount that you owe on a mortgage and other debts. This can be quite a considerable amount of life insurance and the most affordable type of life insurance for large amounts is term life. 

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is exactly what the name sounds like, it is for a set term, this can be 10, 20 or 30 years. At the end of the term, your insurance is gone. It gives you the protection you need during the time you need it the most. 

Whole life insurance

Whole life has no end, it is there for all of your life and it will earn interest and grow over the years. You can borrow against it if the need arises and it can be a part of long term financial planning. But it is much more expensive than term life insurance. 

The answer to what type of life insurance is best for me can be both since they both offer protection that is valuable, Talk to the agents at Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN to discuss the amount that you need and how much you can afford to spend. Stop by their office or give them a call for a no-obligation quote. 


3 Insurance Risks for Business Owners

Understanding how to run a business in Memphis, TN requires a special skill set, which not everyone has. Running your own business takes a lot of creativity and drive. Even a successful business, however, can be ruined by unforeseeable circumstances. Understanding your risks is just as important as understanding how to run your business. Here are 3 insurance risks you should consider as a business owner. 

Digital Security Breeches

Often when business owners think about risks, they think in terms of property damage or injuries. Today, however, there are further risks involved in running a business. Any business operating today will be handling personal information in a digital format. Your customers and clients will be expecting you to handle their personal information with care. A digital security breach could leak this information to the wrong people. An event like this can put your company at risk of legal action. 

Work Place Injuries

This is one of the more common risks for businesses, but it is still valid. If you will be employing others to assist you in your business, there is always the chance of injury. When an employee is injured as a result of working for you, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. 

Property Damage

Your business property is imperative to your success. If the property is damaged due to weather, or other factors, it can drastically affect your profits. Making sure that you are sufficiently protected in a property damage event is crucial to your long term success. 

What Can Business Owners Do?

In order to keep your company protected from these and other risks, commercial insurance policies must be in place. These insurance policies can help to keep your business assets safe and protected when the unknown happens. 

The folks at Keltner Insurance can help you better understand your insurance options. Keltner Insurance proudly serves Memphis, TN and surrounding areas. 

What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Professional Home Security System?

Professional home security systems are becoming increasingly more popular. They are also becoming much more affordable. When residents of Memphis, TN have questions about the benefits of having a professional home security system, the staff of Keltner Insurance is always available to help them find the answers they need.


A do-it-yourself home security system may run you as much as $500 for equipment. If you purchase a professional home security system like ADT or Vivint, you will be required to sign a contract for approximately 3-years. The benefit of that is minimal upfront cost and no replacement costs if something breaks. Professional monitoring will vary in price, but in most cases is very affordable. 

Easy to Use

Most professional systems are very easy to use. When the system is installed, the technician will go over how the system operates and what you need to do to keep it in good working order. They will also show you how to use smartphone apps and other features so you get the most out of your system.

Professional Services

Professional systems provide services in terms of round the clock customer service, professional monitoring, and professional installation and set-up. They make sure everything is installed correctly the first time. 

Memphis, TN residents who need advice on what type of professional home security system will work best for their home can call the agents at Keltner Insurance. Visit the office or call to schedule a consultation. They can sit down with you and discuss the size of your home and what type of home security system will best meet your individual needs.

Impaired Driving: What You Need To Know When It Comes To Auto Insurance

Driving while impaired, whether by drinking or using prescription or non-prescription drugs puts you, other people, and property at risk. In the event you injure or kill someone or damage Memphis, TN property you could be looking at serious jail time, losing your license, state fees, and expensive legal fees to reinstate your license. But, did you know that impaired driving could also impact your insurance options for years to come? Here’s what you need to know about how impaired driving could affect your Keltner Insurance automotive insurance policy. 

Your Insurance Policy Will Typically Pay Up To Your Policy Limits 

While driving impaired due to alcohol or drugs is illegal, if you drive while impaired and cause a vehicle collision your car insurance policy will pay for the damage you cause — up to your policy limits. This means that if you injure a person or damage a light pole, your insurance policy will pay for the damages. 

Driving While Impaired Will Cause Your Insurance Rates to Skyrocket 

While your current automobile insurance policy is obligated to pay for your damages if you drink and drive not only will your driving privileges probably be affected, but you’ll also end up paying increased premiums for years for your insurance coverage once your license is reinstated. Tennessee keeps a DUI conviction on your record for your entire lifetime! While the average impact on automobile insurance premiums for a DUI conviction is less in Tennessee than in some states, it is on average a whopping 42% higher per year than your previous policy. 

Car insurance policy rates can vary widely if you’re convicted of driving while impaired offense in Memphis, TN, so it is important to review your insurance options carefully. If you have questions about how driving under the influence conviction can affect your insurance rates, give us a call at Keltner Insurance today. 

Do I need full coverage motorcycle insurance

As a motorcycle owner, you enjoy the lure of the open road. As a Memphis, TN resident, you realize that you may have to deal with some traffic conditions to get to that open road. To protect yourself and your bike, motorcycle insurance is a must but only liability insurance is required by Tennessee law. Why not take the time to talk to an experienced insurance agent about the coverage that is best for you. Keltner Insurance has agents who will be happy to share their knowledge with you. 

Full coverage motorcycle insurance includes, in addition to the required liability coverage, collision and comprehensive. 


Collison coverage is not a required coverage unless you have a loan on your bike. Your lender may require that you carry it. If you bike is relatively new, or if you would have a hard time coming up with the money to pay to have it repaired or replaced in the event of an accident, then having this coverage makes sense. Most policies have a deductible but collision will replace the motorcycle up to the Kelley Blue Book value in most cases. 


Comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle from harm other than a collision. If your bike is damaged by high winds, lightning, fire or vandalism, comprehensive coverage will repair or replace it.  It also will replace your motorcycle if it is stolen.  If you have had any additional customization done on your bike in the form of paint or parts, these will have to be insured separately, 

Before you head out to enjoy the freedom of the open road, why not give the office of Keltner Insurance in Memphis, TN a call to set up an appointment for a no-obligation quote. They can help you to determine the amount and type of insurance that is right for you. 

I Own Two Condos – Can I Have Both Properties On The Same Insurance Policy?

If you are fortunate enough to own two condominiums then guess what my friend, you have arrived. Let us here at Keltner Insurance help you properly protect your investment by acquiring the right insurance. If you own two condominiums it would be prudent to discuss the nature of your ownership before you make the decision to put them on the same policy. In certain instances, you would be allowed to put them on the same policy. If you own the condominiums for example for business reasons and they are part of your business entity and they are not personalized for your residence per se you may be able to put them on the same policy. Another instance where you may be able to put them on the same policy is if you own two condominiums that are in relatively close proximity to the other. Maybe they are actually next-door to one another in Memphis, TN, in that instance you may be able to put both of the condominiums on the same policy. 

It is important to talk with your insurance agent so that you can come to a decision together about how best to protect the properties. Generally speaking, two separate policies are needed for two separate addresses. 

Getting you the correct information about an insurance product is our goal.  At Keltner Insurance, we go the extra distance to make certain you have a clear, concise understanding of what you are purchasing. In addition to condo insurance, we provide coverage for home and auto, renters, life insurance, boat/watercraft, motorcycle, and RV insurance as well as commercial insurance. Come into our office today or give us a call to learn how we can start a productive partnership toward protecting your assets.

RV Insurance for Your Road Trip

Here at Keltner Insurance, we have access to the latest insurance policies for vehicles of all sorts. This includes RVs. When you’re thinking of your road trips for the coming season, remember that your insurance may need to be updated just as much as your registration. It’s as important as good tires and reliable windshield wipers. Your RV insurance helps you see ahead, stay on the road, and have a good time.

Sometimes people get confused about RV insurance. They don’t realize that there can be a significant difference between a tow-along camper and a motor coach. The size and design of different vehicles affect the insurance, just as if you were insuring a small two-door sedan or a king-cab pickup truck. This reflects the cost of repairs for specific vehicles as well as the statistical data relating to vehicles that encounter different kinds of travel-related incidents. We can help you understand these differences. We’ll help you see what up-to-date policies are available from a broad range of reliable insurance companies. You won’t have to do the research the hard way for yourself; we’ll pull it all up on one computer screen for you to see all at once. We’ll make sure you finish with confidence knowing that either your current policy is an excellent one, or you have just signed up for the one that will be excellent for you. 

Contact us for quotes or policies that will protect your RV around Memphis, TN and beyond.  That way you can get back to planning your route instead of worrying about insurance. Gladly serving the Memphis TN area, Keltner Insurance is ready to help you find the peace of mind you need before you hit the road.

Renter’s Insurance Myths: Make Sure You’re Covered!

Maybe you have opted out of protecting yourself with renters insurance because you don’t think your belongings are valuable enough to cover or because you think coverage for your Memphis, TN rental insurance will be expensive. The truth is, your renter’s insurance policy will provide you with significant protection in the event of a theft, accident, or disaster that damages your possessions. If you’ve been making excuses not to purchase renters insurance, you need to know fact from fiction in order to make an informed decision. The following are a few of the most common myths about renters insurance from the insurance experts at Keltner Insurance:  

Renters insurance covers only my possessions. In addition to providing protection for your belongings, many basic renters insurance policies also provide liability coverage that protects you in the event someone sustains injuries in your home and may pay for their medical expenses and any legal fees you might face. 

My personal property isn’t valuable. You would be surprised at the grand total of your possessions worth if you tallied them all up. When you add up your electronics, such as TVs, computers, and gaming systems, and your clothing, shoes, smartphone, kitchen appliances, and furniture, it would be very expensive to try to replace out of pocket all at once.   

It’s too expensive. Plans are probably much more affordable than you think. In 2019, the average for a monthly renters policy in Memphis, TN was just over 60 cents per day — less than the price of a cup of coffee. 

I’m protected by my landlord’s insurance policy. This is a common myth that stops many renters from protecting their assets and themselves. Most landlord’s insurance policies only protect the physical building you rent and any appliances or furnishings you rent, not your belongings. That means if a fire destroys your apartment or someone steals your television, you’re responsible for the cost of replacing them.

When it comes to protecting yourself and your property, it pays to know fact from myth. To find out more about how renters insurance can help you, give Keltner Insurance a call today.

How will boat insurance protect me?

If you are in the Memphis, TN area, one great way to spend a hot summer day is on your boat. If you do have your own boat, it is important that you have a quality boat insurance policy in place. When you have boat insurance, it can protect you a number of different ways that will prove to be very beneficial.

Provides Protection for Your Asset

A boat is a very valuable asset that needs to be properly protected. At the same time, boats can be involved in accidents, are targets for theft, and could be damaged a number of different ways. Since your boat is at risk at all times, you need to make sure that it is properly covered by insurance. One of the best ways to do this today is through the use of a boat insurance policy. 

Liability Coverage

If you are involved in an accident and are determined to be at fault, you could be facing a liability lawsuit. If you are involved in a liability lawsuit, having the boat insurance policy in place will prove to be very beneficial. The boat insurance provider will give you liability coverage up to a certain predetermined level and can also provide assistance when it comes to negotiating a settlement. 

Since getting boat insurance for your Memphis, TN area boat is such a good idea, it is important that you work with a company that can help to get you into a great policy. One company that can give you the insight you need to get into a quality policy is Keltner Insurance. When you meet with the team at Keltner Insurance, you will quickly find that they can provide you with quality insight to ensure you get into a good policy today. 

Does my Memphis, TN motorcycle policy include coverage for medical expenses?

Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Have the Coverage that You Need?

Motorcycle owners in the larger Memphis, TN area may wonder how much protection their base motorcycle policy provides. If you would like to review your current motorcycle policy to make sure that it provides the protection that you need, the team at Keltner Insurance is here to help. Owning a motorcycle gives you a lot of freedom to get out on the open road and explore all of the beautiful landscapes in our wonderful state, and it also gives you a transportation option to get where you need to go.

Now is a Perfect Time to Review Your Current Policy

If you are considered that your current base policy does not include coverage for medical expenses, it may be time to update your coverage. There are many different levels and types of coverage that are available to motorcycle owners. Your current policy may have sufficient coverage for liability and damage to your bike, but it may lack protection in the event of an accident that causes injuries.

Thinking of Getting a Motorcycle? Review Your Insurance Options First

Tennessee is a great place to own a motorcycle, and that opportunity becomes even better when you know that you have the protection you need! The right policy can protect your bike, yourself, and your passengers.

Whether you are a longtime bike owner or are considering your first purchase, it’s important to know what insurance policy best fits your needs. Call or stop by Keltner Insurance to review your options and make sure you have the right amount and type of coverage. We are proud to serve the fine people of Memphis, TN and the surrounding area and look forward to working with you soon!